Each genre has its own conventions, demands, and readership. Romance and erotica are two that I am extremely familiar with and have a passion for. Focusing on genres that I am intimately acquainted with allows me to provide a service tailored to your specific needs.

Once we’ve agreed to work together, I’ll need the following:

  1. Your complete manuscript. I accept .docx, .doc, and .txt. I work exclusively in Word with Track Changes, so the format of your files will be changed accordingly.
  2. A style/consistency sheet (optional). Your style sheet may include details like physical descriptions of characters, alternative or unique spellings, or deviations from the Chicago Manual of Style.  Confirming these details will help me ensure you are consistent throughout your manuscript. If you do not have a style sheet, but you wish to create one, you can download my alphabetized, character, or worldbuilding templates.
  3. A list of any particular concerns that you want me to pay special attention to. Do you have a theme, but you’re worried it’s not being translated? Do you think your plot may be stretched a bit thin? I’ll make sure to add extra focus to these areas.
  4. A signed copy of our Editorial Contract.
  5. A payment of 50% of your total fee. See payment details here.

Your manuscript will receive one complete editorial pass, with sections revisited as necessary. Upon completion, I will send you a Word document marked with Track Changes and a report focused on the specific type of editing I did for you. You may ask me questions about any of the comments I made, or changes I suggested, for up to two months after my edit is complete.



I have accreditation in line editing, copyediting, and proofreading from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been a member of the Critters Workshop in both the science fiction and romance categories for over three years, and I participate in several romance critique groups.

I’m also an author (both fiction and non-fiction), a blogger, and a writer. My non-fiction work has been featured on websites such as The Mighty and Mother Earth News.

On a more personal front, I am a prodigious reader of all things romance. The kind who stays up way past her bedtime and can’t help but cheer out loud when that first kiss finally happens!


I edit according to the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition. I edit mainly for the American and Canadian markets, but having lived and studied for many years in the UK, I can also edit towards the British market.

Turn-around times vary based on the length of your manuscript and the type and amount of editing required. Usually, my editing process lasts between one to three weeks. Turn-around will be decided after I have had a chance to review your manuscript. I work on only a single manuscript at a time, so your story will have my full attention.

I reserve the right to refuse any manuscript based on content, scheduling conflicts, or time constraints.

Editing is essentially a process of offering advice and suggestions. My feedback is based on my experience; that is what you are hiring me for. I will propose only those changes that I genuinely believe will improve your story; you are under no obligation to accept or integrate them.

Although I do my absolute best to catch every mistake, I am human. Even the large publishing houses miss the odd error (which I delight in finding, of course).

If you hire me for one type of editing and it becomes obvious that your manuscript requires something different, we may have to renegotiate. I wouldn’t feel right taking your money if the work being done wasn’t in your best interest. I also reserve the right to renegotiate if the quality of your sample is not representative of your manuscript as a whole.

Refunds will be given only if I fall down a well and can’t complete your edit.

Absolutely. I want you to feel secure about the integrity of your work. Any NDA must be supplied by yourself.