I charge by the word so you know up front exactly how much you will be paying. All prices are in USD. Current prices are as follows:

Line editing: $0.008/word = $8.00/1000 words or $2.00/page*

Copyediting: $0.006/word = $6.00/1000 words or $1.50/page

Beta reading: $0.002/word = $2.00/1000 words or $0.50/page

Substantive editing: $0.007/word = $7.00/1000 words or $1.75/page

Proofreading:  $0.003/word = $3.00/1000 words or $0.75/page

Want to combine services?

Substantive edit and future line edit: $0.012/word = $12.00/1000 words or $3.00/page (20% savings)

Substantive edit, line edit, and final copyedit/proofread: $0.017/word = $17.00/1000 words or $4.25/page. (20% savings)

*based on the industry standard of 250 words per page

I accept payment by PayPal only. 50% of the total editing cost is due via electronic invoice before I begin work on your manuscript; the other 50% is due upon completion.

Please see my disclaimer here.